Pippa El-Kadhi Brown

Pippa El-Kadhi Brown
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Pippa El-Kadhi Brown

I have always felt deeply inquisitive about the matter of being; a topic which when questioned leaves me as terrified as it does inspired. It is as if every other organism exists with a natural purpose, a clear motive, with no philosophies to complicate the weird and wonderful journey from life to death.

Unlike others, our fear for life and/or death comes with various and complex emotions, rather than a singular primitive survival instinct. In some ways I envy this blissful way of living, freely and organically, with no capability of questioning one’s own existence and unconscious of one’s self.

Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights resonates in me this same sensation and inspires me to make paintings that celebrate the beauty of being, as well as confront it.

Emphasising the notion that chaos and disorder are inevitably present within us as a species, I am moved by Bosch’s intricate and frenzied interpretation of being.

As a painter I use my medium to seek out questions rather than answers.  Progress for me does not mean resolving a perfect answer, but more so theorising on an enriched understanding of what it is that I am questioning. With a particular focus on the domestic home, I explore how we live in and fill space(s), both physical and psychological. It is our ‘natural environment’ which we have adapted to both merge amongst and coexist beside.

Whilst these spaces I paint may be physically suggestive, I paint them from an emotional understanding of what they are, rather than physical. In creating a tangible perception of space and emotion, I use depth and sensation to depict these ideas, in terms of philosophy, materiality and gesture.

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