Liudmila López Dominguez

Liudmila López Dominguez
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Liudmila López Dominguez

I was born in Havana and soon after my family moved to Santiago de Cuba. I have always been passionate about shoes, costumes, and beauty. At a very young age of eight and influenced by my mom, I started to design dresses for her, for myself and for our friends.

When I had an opportunity and some knowledge, I went to study fine arts at the Art School of Santiago de Cuba. I planned to prepare myself for the entrance exams at the University of Design in Havana, but it did not happen as I was trapped by the fascinating world of visual arts.

I have been an artist for twenty years now. I have ventured into many techniques during my career. Initially, I engaged in painting, and then focused more on engraving and specifically on stencil screen printing, a technique which I adore and which forms an important part of my work. I believe that engraving, as one of the most complicated techniques, gave me a strong professional background. I have experimented with many other techniques including installations and performances. I never planned to devote myself to sculpture, but eventually it's almost all that I have been doing for the last twelve years: the female shoe sculpture...

Today my work is not limited to a single medium. I use many different materials like bronze, ceramics, papier-mâché, marble, resin, feathers, cardboard, leather, wax and acrylics. I enjoy discovering possibilities offered by such commercial materials as plastics, cork, mirrors, aluminium, glass, etc...

It is true that I am very curious, and it was my curiosity that led me to try the laser technology. In the beginning my artworks were flat, but later they transformed into 3-D images. I have been working with laser for eight years now, and it is like another stage in my career — to work with a refined technique open to more than twenty types of materials. I have been able to start a new experimental field and to keep working with engraving, sculpture, and installations. Laser allows me in a more contemporary way to give the shape and beauty to my work.

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