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60 x 47 x 21 cm

Each art works is somehow my experiences summary, because each one has its own story of this or that period of my life.

This footwear is one of the four pieces created during my stay at an artistic residence near Liepaja in Latvia. Having received the invitation to take part in this project, I worked out ideas and sent them to be digitalized while still in Cuba. To get their spatial shape, the shoes were firstly brought to Spain. Latvian residence was the final stage to create the sculptures. The work has to be precise; there are many details that have to be put together. The components of the artwork are cut on a flat surface that is why the end result was unexpected even for me.

Liepaja has strong ties with music, there is a symphony orchestra in the town, and I wanted to reflect it in these shoes. I do not play any instrument myself, but my daughter is a pianist. These four artworks were created in ten days, which is less time than usual. The fact that the residence is very quiet has helped me a lot to get the work done in such a short period of time. These sculptures definitely have the energy of Latvia. My goal was to get Latvians, especially the people of Liepaja, to see a part of themselves in this artwork.

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