Semyon Motolyanets

Semyon Motolyanets
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Semyon Motolyanets

I was born in 1982 in the town of Brest, Belarus. Having left the children’s school of arts in Brest I completed the full course at the Glebov Art College in Minsk. Then I graduated from the St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design, and took a course of contemporary art at the PRO ARTE Foundation. Now I live and work in St. Petersburg.

I have spent all my life studying arts at different academic institutions. Having experienced a sort of creative crisis back at the Academy, I took up self-education and joined the PARAZIT group of artists. That’s how from 2008 I got heavily involved in exhibition activities, both as a single and contributing artist, and I keep doing it up to date. Between 2007 and 2013 I was active in the MYLO (SOAP) Group, which was awarded the National Innovation Prize in 2009. My works can be seen in the Russian Museum, the PERMM Museum, the St. Petersburg Museum of Nonconformist Art and the State Tretyakov Gallery.


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