Alexander Kabin

Alexander Kabin
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Alexander Kabin

I was born on 1 December 1978 in the town of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region. I spent my childhood in the Soviet Union and then the country transformed into a new Russia. A controversial and striking era of change has largely shaped my artistic views. In my works, I attempt to combine realistic presentation with expression of my feelings as an observer. I would even say that my paintings are inherently documental, they are like a print or a snapshot of reality but unlike a snapshot, they are taken with a much more sophisticated and sensitive device than a camera. I like abstract painting too because our world is not limited to the visible reality.

Higher technical education shaped my world-view and also contributed to my skills of setting goals and achieving objectives. These skills now contribute to my artistic development. To promote it, I use whatever means are available — exhibitions, discussions with colleagues, museums, galleries, internet. I am naturally inclined to self-education and it is very important for me to figure out things all by myself. And it becomes possible only through hard work and constant search, a never-ending path of trial and error.

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