Object No. 1
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Object No. 1

Oil on canvas
100 x 100cm

The theme of the city and its space is one of the most relevant for me. Since I come from a small town, my works do not show any skyscrapers of glass and concrete or wide avenues, or brightly lit streets. In fact, there are no attributes of hectic modern life of big cities. I purposely narrow the focus in order to bring in some privacy and to show the life of an average person. I zoom in on yards, playgrounds, parking lots, humble buildings (five-story buildings of Stalin and Khrushchev times rather than new ones), and snow. Snow gives it all a new shape and form. Snow creates a feeling of purity. Snow hides imperfections, dirt, and shabbiness. Snow gives free rein to the viewer’s imagination; it transforms cars, garbage bins, playground swings into some objects for the viewer’s subconscious to elaborate on, much alike contour drawings from kids’ colouring pages.

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