Liga Kempe

Liga Kempe
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Liga Kempe

Born in 1975 in Liepaja and acquired the first education in arts in her native town. In 1995, she has graduated Liepaja Arts Secondary School in the specialty of ceramics. In 2003, after graduating the Latvian Academy of Arts Painting Department, she received the master’s degree in arts.
She participated in group exhibitions in Latvia an abroad since 1999. Personal exhibitions are arranged since 2003 in different galleries in Latvia, Denmark, Belgium and France. Her works are included in the collections of UPB and Liepaja Museum, in the collection of Matti in Tartu and in private possession in Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belgium, France, England, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Norway and USA.

I’m already a woman in mature age — dressed in annual increments, I wear sets of clothes and I change every day. Since in the paintings I’m telling about myself, the pictures live with me. I love to be a mom. Household things, nursing of children and cooking is preparing for the painting. every day one and the same — this is my lifestyle. Static balance that concurrently moves and changes me. Also in the painting. My skill is the component of the talent to live. My joy of living, artlessness and courage — these are three daily colours that cover the copies of each event or mood. My life is a painting smeared by an adventure after adventure. What? Perhaps coloured in the oil of laughter. On the cloth of experience and in the tints of seconds. I tint hollowly the everyday plots and I blow heavy flesh in dandelion fluffs.

My characters are not correct. But they are happy. I dare to be wrong. An I laugh about being. I wag the creatures characteristic to selfhood not the weight category. I study, dream and respect my pudges who I address as the ladies.

I shoot the morning or evenings and thread them as beads on a thread of time. I try on the picture benefice and write down from the personal fashion. To do new wonders in the factory of painting myself. I dilute the classical dance of arts with a naïve curtsy.

Arts is about the aim or it shows it. I can answer only about mine. I am. My being vibrates. I stroll around. What’s on my mind — that’s on the paintbrush. Painty attractive directness is my priority. Arts allows me to see what I don’t see in the obvious things. The heroes I meet in everyday life I dress from the top to toe in environment of prosaically natural chiaroscuro existence, in splendid spots of decorative elements and colours. By putting one layer after another on the fabric, I get carried away stubbornly old-fashioned about the classical oil technique through where explicit personal lines and symbolic language of colours grows through factures. I select the tints and nuances I like from the wide colour palette. A tint conversation develops on the fabric. My handwriting. flat painting combines with plastic shape. A labour-consuming process. Random images from imagination and imagined pictures in the ordinary framing of life, a captured moment from the long life arousing feelings and emotions. Painting carries me away — in the flat layers and tiny columns stories are thickened and harmoniously smeared in a three-dimensional environment.

Painting is not eternal, but it is infinite.

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