Irina Birulya

Irina Birulya
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Irina Birulya

The most difficult part in any work of art is perhaps to lay down a new plot twist. Whether on paper, on canvas, or on stage ... In real life, such turns, other than being difficult, require a good deal of courage — in fact, after I quit I had nowhere to go ... No one knew me as a painter, I did not yet know myself I was one. It is true though that when I switched to painting I was not able to abandon the sight of a theater professional. I went on building upon the basic principles of set designer. I still had a theatre scene in front of my eyes; it just got reduced to the size of the canvas. And the light in each of my still lifes or cityscapes resembles the light of theater spotlights. Moreover, quite often the light extends beyond the canvas and falls on the frame, much alike a spotlight reaching the first rows of stalls during a theatrical performance.

contemporary art
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