Dace Dēliņa-Lipska

Dace Dēliņa-Lipska
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Dace Dēliņa-Lipska

Born in Riga as the only child in the family, I spent quite a while on my own.

Drawing and dancing were my favourites and I used to practice a lot, day by day.

Ballet and pencil box became my fellows along with fashion magazines that we flipped together with my mother.

My father and I took a watercolour box, got on bicycles and went out to paint in the open air.

Also, the visits to exhibitions and to the opera house made up the collage of my childhood experience.

It was followed up by attending art studies and taking courses in the Riga College of Applied Arts. Gradually I developed as an artist, while the line and energy of a dance can still be seen in my works.

Following my everpresent interest in fashion and human figure I obtained the
Bachelor degree in art design in the Academy of Arts of Latvia and the Master degree in painting by attending the figurative painting workshop.

Vital presence of colours and my interest in the human, especially in the psychological portrayal of a woman, dominate in my paintings, graphic arts, costumes and figure drafts.

Observations of nature and outward manifestation of people’s feelings inspire me to create new works.

The one time art cycle was encouraged by rereading the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, an old fairy-tale familiar to every child, and thinking about complicated relationships with my inner beast. Deep in the wilds of your subconsciousness there is a beast. You have to make a crucial decision, to fight it or to surrender. A victory in this fight is a way to create a new woman with a new power.

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