Atis Jākobsons

Atis Jākobsons
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Atis Jākobsons

Since graduating the master studies in painting department of Latvian Academy of Arts in 2010 till this very day my creative works were based in painting traditions. Also during the last five years (2015 — 2020) I have worked mainly in the painting technique, however along with this I experimented also with other arts media and forms of expressions — coal drawings, sculptures, ceramic, spatial installations, and experiments with sound. Conceptually, most of my pieces of art are the research of the primary impulse of creation (both in arts, in philosophy and in context of quantum physics). During the process of creating art, I try to maintain intuitive, free approach that purifies from all what is odd by playing with boundaries between a subject and an object, the impossible and daily things, between the humane and divine, and corporeity and conceptual.

My current practice of arts is deeply related with the research of mental heritage and archetypes in contemporary Western cultures, at the same time addressing also the myths and mystics of the Far and Middle East. My pieces of art are influenced to large extent also by my travels to India, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, North America, Iceland, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan during which I isolated several times from the civilization and participated in different authentic spiritual rites. This experience has influenced fundamentally my arts practice and in the result I have developed my psychomystical creative method.

I’m fascinated by the use of the ancient and archetypical codes found in the contemporary collective memory, and genes in the development of Western contemporary arts traditions. Currently, the link between the art that I have created, mu personal and mental experience is so close that they are hard to separate. I’m interested by the research of spirituality and its communication in the forms of contemporary arts. For several years I have pursued to the study of ancient mental practices in different theories — pagan traditions, shamanism, witchcraft, also religious practices and historical evidence, by looking for testimonies that these practices and ideas are still present in the contemporary thinking.

The work of the portrait of an evaporating woman is from the frequency series. In this project, I have focused on the search for peace through the painting media. The path to inner peace, the search for a state of consciousness that allows you to be at peace with yourself and the world around you. The exhibition consists of a series of paintings that have been created during more than two years- abstract portraits and landscapes, which initially have been painted as if in a seemingly realistic way, but with the help of “airbrush” the renunciation process of the insignificant takes place. These pieces of art have become a kind of a diary, daily meditation, where, giving up the superfluous, I have asked myself some questions about what happens to a human when they renounce everything that seems important. It is about slow evaporation, becoming transparent, insignificant. About not remembering one's existence, forgetting about it, about frequencies that someone is unable or unwilling to perceive. About predestination, a natural desire to understand the processes going on inside. It is about losing one’s control, seeing the unwanted, about anxiety, fear of being forgotten, about unsought but found understanding, about loneliness and immutability. Look into the face of emptiness. What remains after everything that seems significant has been discarded?

Dark matter. Drawings are like scenarios for various unprecedented and / or forgotten feelings,  leaving a free space for mental and spiritual interpretation. The art pieces have to be perceived at the level of the senses, activating the power of premonition and intuition. Time and space in these artworks become an abstract concept. It is being somewhere in an intermediate space. Through the awareness of innumerable probabilities and their experience, it is understood that their possibility is unlimited. Longing for a miracle. It is not a social phenomenon, but a truly personal experience. The black emptiness becomes the home of all the unpredictable, uncontrollable. It becomes zero gravity, an opportunity to disconnect from reality and all other possible realities. Everyone can interpret it in their own way. And every interpretation is true and correct. Millions of probabilities in each universe because we each have a different universe, and our experience reflects our personal worldview. These images and objects act as a catalyst for responses that are unpredictable and are not needed to be interpreted.

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