Anastasia Kirillova

Anastasia Kirillova
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Anastasia Kirillova

I was born and live in St Petersburg. I love this city where two realities, everyday routine and art, openly compete with each other more than anywhere else. My dad, Alexander Teterevkov, a professional design engineer, photographer, artist, and great art lover, was the one who first introduced me to art. I much appreciate his capable guidance, and I am very grateful to him for sharing with me an attitude of devotion to art and reverence for the great artists, whom I literally look up to as heavenly beings. 

I've been drawing since a very young age and keep doing so until today. My first teacher was my dad, later I took lessons from artists Larisa Berlin and Vitaly Valge. I always believed that only God-kissed people deserved to become artists, so I didn't even try to join an art school. Still, I wanted to be closer to the art world and in 2008, I graduated in the History of Western European and Russian Culture at St Petersburg State University.

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