My Evening Tea. April 15 2019
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My Evening Tea. April 15 2019

Oil on canvas
50 x 35cm

It took me quite an effort to start working with oil. The gap lasted for over three years. Oil painting requires either a perfect technique or complete commitment. In an ideal world, of course, it's both. I hesitated for exactly the same reason that kept me from joining arts school right after high school. I lacked some confidence in myself.

On 15 April 2019, I attended a Frida Kahlo exhibition and it was as if I got a powerful kick from Frida. She is not really my favourite artist, but she is nothing short of impressive. I read at the exhibition that Frida had treated her paintings as a sort of diary. She didn't take them too seriously. They were just snapshots of life. It was an approach that untied my hands. Thanks for that.

The evening after the exhibition I was having tea in the kitchen at a table covered with an old tablecloth with cherry prints on it, and watching Notre Dame go up in flames on a live news channel.

That's how the painting My Evening Tea on 15 April 2019 shaped up.

contemporary art
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