Alan Khatagti

Alan Khatagti
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Alan Khatagti

I was born and raised in the North Ossetia, one of the most beautiful places in Russia. The windows of the family house overlooked the majestic Caucasus range and the Georgia pass. Colours of nature and people’s emotions are of special brightness and strength there. The contrast between snow-capped peaks and the lush greenery at the foothill is almost surreal and this place calls for becoming an artist.

Neither myself, nor the family had doubts about the choice of my future profession. Art, however, was not an occupation that could earn you respect in the place where I come from. Therefore, I had to move and take studies in St. Petersburg. Art has become my profession, but will never be a work obligation for me. Because having a job is a covenant and a lack of freedom. For me, any creative activity including visual arts, is the territory of freedom before anything. Art and self-expression is my way to intrinsic freedom. Indulging in art is a sort of religious experience for me, a sacrament that develops and enriches… and nourishes the soul.

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