God. Love. Cuba

Written by Sarmīte Sile

Love. Man and Woman. Death. Pain. Conversations with Him. All those ancient themes, as old as the world… Each artist treats them in his own language, interprets them according to his views and skills.

Faith. Hope. Love. How deep is faith in God or is there only faith in Love? Is Hope really the last thing to die? What is more important — body or soul? Are we really immortal? What is it that expects us after death? Does Death exist at all?.. People have always tried to find answers to these questions.

In this exhibition, Ítalo René Expósito, a young Cuban artist, tries to tell his story, to show his searches, findings and answers to these questions. He is a Catholic who, like many others in his country, has a mix of blood. Due to his Italian origin on his mother’s side, Ítalo has a very special relation with the figure of the Son of God. His attitude to Christ is dual. Ítalo believes in the divine, but Christ for him is more earthy and CLOSER to the mundane life. It is very much alike the ancient Greeks. They worshiped their gods but at the same time they saw them as fine people of either good or bad character, sitting at the feast tables and welcoming their guests.

The works of Ítalo Expósito are, no doubt, professional in the form and bear a dash of childish naivety in the content. The painter is familiar with the history of art and it allows us to see behind his works the influence of diverse artistic periods and old day masters. At the same time, he is an original and interesting artist with his own style.

We believe, hope and love. We are the children of God and, just like children, we often misbehave, mistake, hurt ourselves and make our parents suffer. However, pain is a lesson, even purification. It is an incentive to start thinking and draw conclusions. This is what Ítalo talks about. And also, he shows the beauty of the human being, beauty of the body and pure innocence of the soul. He talks about self-sacrifice. The only question that remains open is whether it is possible to maintain that fragile light in the darkness and keep creating.

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