The Ripple Effect
exhibition in Liepaja

03 Mar, 2023 — 28 May, 2023

You must have seen the fascinating ripple effect caused by a stone thrown into the water. Ripples expanding across the water, spreading out over a larger and larger area, sometimes covering the whole surface of water. We think it is a great metaphor to compare the ever-expanding ripples across the water to a spreading effect of inspiration and its influence on people’s lives. Inspiration of an artist gets embodied in an art piece; it is transmitted to viewers, delights and inspires them. Yet more viewers get encouraged to come to love art, to recognise and explore it, to speak, write and sing about it, to enrich their lives with it, to acquire and preserve it, to found museums, galleries and exhibition halls, to bring art to yet more people and further inspire them to be creative; and finally, to inspire all of us to think and reflect on everything that happens to and around us, to make sense of our lives. To paraphrase an idea once expressed by Albert Einstein, we could put it this way: “Strive not to succeed, but to make your life meaningful”.

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