Litota exhibition in Liepaja by Vlad Kulkov

13 Feb, 2020 — 15 Mar, 2020

Vlad Kulkov`s art is deeply psychological, emotional, often spontaneous. For a relatively long time, the artist has focused on abstract expressionism. The author's artistic technique resembles an "auto-written letter" when the artist depicts what is happening in his subconscious mind with minimal means of artistic expression, in fact hiding deeper thoughts behind them. Litota is a concept of the Science of Literature that expresses a diminution of qualities or meaning.

Vlad Kulkov born in Liepaja graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. In 2010 he started his Ph.D. studies at the Russian Museum. The artist is an active exhibitor and regularly participates in various art-related projects.

Since 2006, in the quest for inspiration, Vlad Kulkov has traveled to the United States and also the East to acquire new painting techniques.

Kulkov has work housed in various private collections, both in Russia and internationally. He also has worked on display at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and in the Horst Family Collection in New York.

Each collection is unique and is shaped by the subjective taste of the personality.
Besides, there is a link between the owner and the artwork that leads to an art collection that unites two vectors of development: expressions of the personality of the Russian artist and the Latvian collector.

“I want to outline the vector of the creative process as well as the inactivity. The way how to achieve the goal with minimal means or with limited use of the imposed forces, meaning, embrace the incomprehensible. To create or on the contrary to hide in certain situations. During multiple experiments, I reflected my works in inverse ways, by this very day.”

By Vlad Kulkov *

* Vlad Kulkov is a main artist of Anna Nova Gallery, which supported this exhibition.


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