Twosome (with Birds)
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Twosome (with Birds)

Oil on canvas
120 x 100cm

Often times a painter in his work recurs to the same symbols while treating and embodying them into pictures in a different way. The Twosome series includes paintings that have a completely different visual effect. One of them, a painting with two round objects on a table and two birds creates a feeling of despair and hope at the same time. The pair on the table consists of objects of different sizes meaning that the two are never equal to each other. A complex multilayered textured background as if puts the viewer into a kind of mysterious space, a situation where seemingly nothing happens but it looks like something is about to happen. A dark bird under the table grieves in loneliness and a bright bird appears as a consolation in the upper right corner of the painting — exactly in the place where saints and angels emerging from behind the clouds were usually painted in icons.

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