Māris Čačka

Māris Čačka
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Māris Čačka

I was born in 1976 in a small town in the east of Latvia — Varakļāni. I obtained a master's degree in art and a doctorate in art education at Daugavpils University (2009).
I have succeeded in creating a unique hybrid method of abstract expression that combines painting and graphics. The works are multi-layered in terms of technical explanation and content. They arise as imaginary dialogues between me and their contemporaries about the world. The goal of intuitive expression is to achieve emotional harmony. It finds potential for openness to both decorative construction and symbolic message, various elements — color, dark and light areas and rhythmic structures.
I am inspired by people, people's stories and direct and indirect conversations with them.
The themes of dialogue and touch (literal and figurative) are what are present from my first solo exhibition in 1998 entitled "Home".
I continue to be inspired by the silence, the peace I break with the energetic action and the technical sounds that can be heard on a sensory level in the process of creating a job.
I am still inspired by nature, entering and acting in it, it is also my color maker, who comes out on a subconscious level and determines the tone in which the work is created.

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