Breakfast for an Astronaut
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Breakfast for an Astronaut

Oil on canvas
90 x 150cm

Pondering over the painting might evoke complex constructs. You may imagine how linear perspective, a triangle with an upward pointing apex symbolizing the feminine (home place, something earthly, even domestic), meets the reverse perspective, a down pointing triangle symbolizing the masculine (sky, space, an open window or a road getting wider towards the horizon). Or you may entertain an idea where breakfast of an astronaut is an abstract concept and simply picture a set of odd tubes for a viewer to take a guess of its contents, whether there is astronaut’s food or artist’s paint, representing something that has not been pronounced yet, pictures to be painted, whole new worlds to be discovered. Or you can just draw a kitten named Astronaut that is not quite happy with a given breakfast. In the end, these or those concepts would work their way onto the canvas mixing with and overlapping each other.


contemporary art
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